Force Control admin November 3, 2022
Force Control Accessories
Tool Feeling who can automatically adjust their work to suit the surface the moment they make contact are then able to complete their work more reliably, in a more precise and economical manner.

Defined contact force

Interactive compensation for surface tolerances up to 100 mm with guaranteed consistent contact force. No adaptation of the robot tracks.

Integrated gravitation compensation

The process force remains constant even with changing orientations. No additional application programming is required.

Passive security and high-speed control

Mechatronic actuator and sensor element with a high degree of process security using a robust mechanical construction with integrated passive safety and high-speed control.

Simple system integration – highest quality standards

Cleverly simple integration using standard interfaces. The constant feedback on the contact situation, position, and actual force smoothly performs the quality inspection.

Active Contact Flange – ACF

Multifunctional End-Of-Arm-tool for any industrial robot. The ACF automates problematic manual work and guarantees high standards of quality.

Active Orbital Kit – AOK

The AOK is a finely tuned system package based on the Active Compliant Technology and an orbital sander optimized for robot use.

Active Angular Kit – AAK

The AAK is an integrated grinding solution for textured surface treatment which is designed for industrial use and therefore enormously durable.

Active Sensitive Kit – ASK

The ASK is a convenient solution for post-production processes and the perfect finish in only one step.

Active Belt Grinder – ABG

The innovative ABG is a complete solution that flexibly automates the reliable surface processing of small and medium-sized work pieces.

Active Contact Flange - Kit – ACF-K

The ACF-K was specially developed for cobots and optimizes an extremely wide range of previously manual surface treatments.