Simulation Visual components admin October 3, 2022




Design the factories of the future

3D Simulation helps companies create more efficient and more elegant factory production lines.

Smarter Simulation

Defining component behavior is much easier. We’ve also added a new physics behavior, powered by the NVIDIA PhysX engine. Now, you can simulate and visualize the functionality affected.

Visual Components was developed to take full advantage of the 64-bit Windows environment. This means better graphics, faster loading times, and a much smoother user experience. Navigating large layouts is more fluid. We’ve improved memory management so you can run heavier simulations in the background while working on other applications.

How our Customers Benefit

30% Efficiency Increase

Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations and have more control over the performance of your processes and resources.

15% Project Cost Savings

Design a number of what-if scenarios, have better insights into your projects, minimize your investment risks and save additional costs from your projects.

2.700+ Components
Use an extensive library of 3D models with more than 1600 robots, 70+ brands, and a wide range of conveyors, machines, resources, robot tools, factory facilities, and more.
5x Faster Results
Design your concepts 5x faster than any traditional CAD solution with simple plug-and-play features together with your stakeholders and get faster results with minimal effort.
80% Faster Response
Simulate your concepts within minutes and hours instead of days and weeks. Respond faster to your customers and answer their questions with visual and animated proposals.
Reduce Engineering Time
Simulate, test, validate and deliver optimum engineering solutions by connecting your designs with PLCs, and robot controllers and save time by virtual commissioning before allocating time and costs to the physical systems.