Vision & Ai Vision admin November 5, 2022
VISION & AI VISION Accessories

Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera

High precision & detail-rich 3D imaging for a broad range of objects.
Our model options can satisfy diverse practical needs (ambient light resistance, high precision, high scanning speed, small size, etc.).

PRODUCTS High-performance industrial 3D cameras and intelligent platform software

Mech-Vision Graphical Machine Vision Software

Mech-Vision software can complete depalletizing, machine tending, order picking, gluing/spraying, precise locating, etc. through a code-free graphical interface. Equipped with 3D vision, deep learning, and other advanced algorithms, it can meet complex and diverse practical needs.

Mech-Viz Intelligent Robot Programming Environment

Equipped with a visualized and code-free programming interface, Mech-Viz can realize a one-click simulation. Built-in multiple intelligent algorithms (path planning, collision detection, grasping strategy, etc.) guarantee an excellent performance.


Industrial imaging technology continues to make its presence felt across a wide variety of industries—whether used to improve quality control and traceability, meet compliance requirements, or reduce manufacturing costs through improved efficiency while optimizing factory throughput. The advantages of working with Matrox Imaging comprise:

  • Assured quality & longevity throughout the development and production phases that ensure consistent long-term product availability
  • Trusted industry standards guide product design to production efforts
  • Comprehensive customer support offering timely installation, usage, and integration assistance
  • Tailored customer training in the form of online and on-premises training
  • A long-standing global network of distributors and authorized integrators offering complementary products, support, and industry expertis